Photo of Sydenham River in Dawn-Euphemia


The Township of Dawn-Euphemia is a municipal corporation that was formed in 1998.  The Township is comprised of the former Township of Dawn and the former Township of Euphemia.  Within the community there are a number of small hamlets including Florence, Shetland, Oakdale, Edys Mills, Rutherford, Cairo and Bentpath.  The largest Hamlet is Florence with a population of approximately 150 people.  The current population of the Township is approximately 2,050.

The Township of Dawn-Euphemia has a land area of 445 square kilometers and is located in the south east portion of Lambton County.  The Township is characterized by many scenic country roads and the meandering Sydenham River (shown above).

The Township’s economy is primarily agricultural cash cropping, employing 29% of the labour force.

The Township is also home to the Union Gas Dawn Operations Centre, comprising underground storage pools and the Dawn Compressor Station, which is the largest natural gas compressor station in North America.  The Station is a major gas distribution centre for Union Gas.


Township of Dawn-Euphemia
4591 Lambton Line, R.R. #4
Dresden, ON N0P 1M0

Municipal Office: 519-692-5148
After Hours – Public Works: 519-401-4808