Emergency Notifications & Information

There are many ways residents can receive emergency notifications or find information about emergency situations…

  • Local alerts may be issued through “My Community Notification Network”.  Please see below for additional details.
  • If you are aware that an emergency has occurred, tune to a local radio station and stay on that station unless you are advised otherwise.  In a major emergency, 1070 AM/103.9 FM will provide ongoing updates to the public.
  • A national notification system called “Alert Ready” delivers warnings over local radio and television stations.  Ontario’s “Red Alerts” notification system also broadcasts on radio and television and delivers alerts to subscribers via email, social media, and other methods.
  • Residents and neighbours of St. Clair Township can be part of the Bluewater Community Alerting System by purchasing a device that receives notifications issued by St. Clair Township officials.
  • Residential areas in close proximity to petro-chemical industries and refining operations are covered by a system of municipal/industrial emergency sirens that may be sounded to warn residents of an emergency situation.
Emergency Notifications by MyCNN

My Community Notification Network (MyCNN) is a local alerting system that can be used to notify residents with publicly listed land-line telephones during an emergency. Subscribers can also receive alerts via cell phones, smart phones, email and more. 

Emergency Notifications - Call 211 Ontario

211 Ontario is a telephone and web service that provides information to the public about community and social services in Ontario. The service is available in 175 languages to Lambton residents 24 hours a day, everyday of the year.

Emergency Notifications - When to call 911

NEW – Click on “Read More” below to learn about VoIP phone services and 9-1-1.

9-1-1 is an emergency telephone number that makes it easier for residents to obtain urgent police, fire and ambulance assistance.  The three digit number is brief, easy to remember and is used throughout most of North America.