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211 for Information

211 is a free, telephone and web-based service that assists residents looking for information about local community and social services.  Callers speak to a specialist who can help provide answers and referrals, 24 hours a day, any day of the year.  Arrangements can be made for an interpreter to assist callers in over 150 languages.

February 11 is recognized across North America annually to promote 211 services, but during the entire month, you might see articles and information relating to 211.

In addition to providing callers with information about community services, 211 can assist municipalities during major incidents and emergencies by answering calls from the public looking for official information and safety instructions.  Lambton and its member municipalities have a strong relationship with 211 and worked together to develop local activation protocols for such times.

911 centres are often over-whelmed with calls during emergencies, so residents need to understand that 911 should be used to report an emergency or to request assistance from police, fire or medical services… not to find information.  It is hoped that residents will not call 911 looking for information, if they know they can call 211 for answers.

Click here for information about how to make the right call with 211.